Thursday, 13 February 2014

Operation Spoke

Put a spoke in itOperation Spoke is a bike theft reduction campaign led by Durham Constabulary, working in partnership with Durham County Council and Darlington Borough Council, Local Motion and the Safe Durham Partnership.  It’s an important part of the ongoing work of these projects and organisations (and others) to promote cycle security and encourage more people to cycle more often. Operation Spoke aims to significantly reduce cycle crime by uniquely marking and registering cycles in County Durham and Darlington. Success of other property marking schemes at reducing the overall levels of acquisitive crime is well documented and now we are expanding this concept to cycles.

The benefits of marking and registering cycles is that they can easily be identified by Police should they ever be stolen or go missing. Easy identification means that cycles can be quickly reunited with their rightful owners and thieves can be quickly arrested and brought to justice. Property marking also deters would be thieves in the first place by increasing their chances of being arrested and by making the cycle harder to sell on.

You can have your bicycle marked at one of your local cycle retailers participating in the scheme.  There will also be a number of registration events organised by your Safer Neighbourhood teams.

Visit Cycle Security - Operation SPOKE for more information and advise on how to keep your cycle safe and secure with details of Putting the brakes on cycle crime and on Hook a Crook.

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