Tuesday 28 July 2015

Cadets Summer Camp Harperley Hall 62/63

Cadets Summer Camp 1962-1963

Cadets Summer Camp Harperley Hall 62/63

This one came from Robin Dodd and was wondering where are they now ?

Please reply to durhamnarpo@gmail.com or post a comment below

Looking sad for itself

The old HQ looking tired, overgrown & desolate. Hard to imagine now that it was the thriving home of Durham Constabulary for approximately fifty years !

IMG_2134 Cadet Training IMG_2256
Cadet Training-027
Cadet Training-026
Cadet Training-017

Monday 27 July 2015

Revised pension lump sum factors : Further update

Further info from David Devine in relation to the revised pension lump sum factors :

‘‘Just for further clarification the revised factors apply to male officers who retired between 1/12/2001 and 30/11/2006 inclusive and female officers who retired between 1/12/2004 and 30/11/2006 inclusive

The reason the female start date is different is because the revised factors from 1/12/2001 are lower than the factors used to calculate the lump sums for female officers who retired between 1/12/2001 and 30/11/2004’

If you are in this catchment please email David Devine at Pay & Pensions ( David.Devine@durham.pnn.police.uk ), with your Rank, Collar number & email address and he will be in contact with as soon as possible

Wednesday 22 July 2015

Revised pension lump sum factors

The below info has come from David Devine : Pay & Pensions (David.Devine@durham.pnn.police.uk

To those who this concerns : Please can you email David with your email address & service details (Rank & collar number) as this will potentially speed up the process

“We have now received the instructions and factors from GAD for the changes to the commutation factors

GAD have also advise that they are to issue a calculator that is to be used to calculate the lump sums “in a few weeks”, no set date as yet. Obviously they don`t want anyone going off alone and perhaps ending up with different figures from the GAD advice. I understand the calculator will also have a checking process to ensure the correct commutation factor was used originally and that the correct commutation factor is used in the revised tables.

In preparation for this we are currently gathering the data that will be needed to complete the calculator once it arrives. There will also be interest payable alongside the lump sum and this will be determined by the date the arrears are paid

The guidance also requires that officers who are eligible will be required to sign a discharge paper in respect of the matter. The exact wording of this has yet to be sorted but the basic gist is that this will be a final payment in respect of the matter and that they agree to withdraw any claims they may have with e.g. the Pensions Ombudsman in respect of the matter

Obviously this will delay the process a bit as we will need to await the response before making payment. We will pull together the discharge wording and have them issued as soon as possible. I propose to issue the discharge via e-mail where we hold this on our system, any without an e-mail address will be contacted by letter. Anyone who now wishes to provide an e-mail address for the issue of the discharge papers will be welcomed and they would also have the benefit of receiving their payslip on a monthly basis by e-mail

I will let you know when we get a concrete date when payment will be made”

Tuesday 14 July 2015

Police Pension Commutation update

Further to our initial posting on this website of the 16th May : http://www.durhamnarpo.org.uk/2015/05/police-firefighters-pension-scheme.html

there have been numerous phone calls to Police HQ & Durham NARPO committee members following the publication of the Pension Ombudsman’s Determination into his investigation of a complaint of maladministration by the Government Actuary’s Department failure to regularly review police and firefighters pension commutation factors we have received a high volume of enquiry about the outcome and implications for individual members of that determination.  

The link below from NARPO HQ gives a brief history of the complaint and addresses, in particular, the question of further complaint about historic commutation factors. The views expressed in the document, in particular about further complaint, are based on comments made by the Ombudsman in his determination.  - See more at: http://www.narpo.org/index.php/pensions/police-pensions.html#sthash.8PD0QaD5.dpuf

Sunday 12 July 2015

Blackhill Section : Late sixties ??

Blackhill Section - Lake Sixties

Can anyone identify the missing name from this photo ? If so please leave a comment below or email  : durhamnarpo@gmail.com.
All the officers were stationed at Blackhill Section late sixties / early seventies
Left to right : , Stan Hegarty, Cliff Hodgson, Jimmy Hettle, Norman Fletcher,Duncan Adamson, Dougie Smith.

Update : Many Thanks to Stan Hegarty & Cliff Hodgson who both replied and confirmed that the ‘unkown person’ was Norman Fletcher and that the picture was taken between 1963 & 1965

Friday 10 July 2015

Death of a retired colleague : Christina Barnes


It is with sadness and regret that we have to advise you of the death of Christina Barnes who died unexpectedly at the weekend, aged 73 years.
Many will recall Christina working in the Chief Constables office for many years, retiring in 2003 after 43 and a half years service.  Christina initially began her service as a typist at Houghton-le-Spring in 1959 before moving into HQ in the late 1960's and she remained in the Executive Secretariat until her retirement.
Funeral arrangements have now been confirmed as follows:
friends are welcome to join with family for a service at 10:45 on Wednesday 15th July 2015 in St Cuthberts Church, North Road, Durham.
St. Cuthbert's is near the Garden House Pub across from County Hall. There is a layby for parking to the east of the church on Framwellgate Peth (the A691) opposite the entrance to the DLI car park. Parking is also available on North Road at the west end of the church. For SatNav use the post code DH1 4NH. Additional parking is also available at the DLI Museum.
Christina will be hugely missed by her loving family and many friends.  Any messages of condolence for the family can be sent to Welfare (margaret.toward@durham.pnn.police.uk) who will ensure they are passed on to Christina’s sister and her wider family.
Our thoughts are with Christina's family and friends at this sad time.

Tuesday 7 July 2015

Deaths of two retired ex Durham / Northumbria officers

It is with regret that we have to inform you of the deaths of two ex Durham officers who completed their service in Northumbria :

Chief. Supt. Jack NORRIS, was in Durham Force and transferred to Northumbria, where he retired as a Chief Supt. in 1979.
Since his retirement, he has resided at Belmont, Durham.
The funeral is to take place at Durham Crematorium at 12 noon on Thursday, 9th. July, 2015.

Owen Rogers, aged 81 years died after a short illness on 1st July, 2015.
He served in Durham Constabulary at Durham City and Jarrow C.I.D. until the amalgamation in 1974,thereafter he served in South Shields C.I.D. until his retirement.
He leaves a widow, Enid and son, Adrian (53 years). Funeral arrangements are:
South Shields Crematorium (John Reid Road) on Tuesday 14th July at 11am and, it is believed at Jarrow Conservative Club afterwards.
Our thoughts are with the families at this sad time

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