Sunday 25 September 2016

Their memories live on….. in bricks and mortar

_91357047_oldhqOfficers from Durham Constabulary who lost their lives in the line of duty are to have their memories live on in bricks and mortar.
A new housing development on the site of the old police headquarters at Aykley Heads, will have streets named after the fallen officers.
The first two - Woodward Way and Maddison Court - reflect two men killed in 1958 and 1997.
Four others will refer to men who died between 1927 and 1982.
Aykley Woods development, by Persimmon Homes, is where the force's base was from 1968, until it become too costly to maintain.
'Fitting tribute'
The force's new £14m HQ was opened by the Princess Royal in May 2015.
Chief Constable Mike Barton said: "It seems a very fitting tribute to those who lost their lives protecting the public of County Durham and Darlington that they are remembered at a place so important to Durham Constabulary and our history."
The six officers to be honoured are:
- PC Matthew Walls Straughan, shot in June 1927 by a man on whom he had just served a summons
- Sgt Robert Little, killed by fumes in December 1930 rescuing an elderly woman trapped in a burning house
- PC William Ralph Shiell, shot chasing two burglars in March 1940
- Sgt Stanley Woodward, killed by a sniper while seconded to the British Police Unit in Cyprus October 1958
- Det Con James Brian Porter, shot chasing two armed robbers in March 1982
- PC Keith Maddison, died chasing two suspects from a stolen vehicle in May 1997

Friday 23 September 2016

Any Ex Consett/Stanley officers who can help with this one ??

JS51312817I hope you're well and don’t mind me getting in touch.
My name is David Finch and I am making a short, independent documentary about a boxer from a town in County Durham called Consett. 
I wanted to get in touch because I am trying to track down a police officer who is a key part of the story and I was advised by Consett Police dept that you might be able to help.
On the night of 3rd June 1989 a boxer called Glenn McCrory won a world title in his home town of Stanley in Co Durham, when he defeated Patrick Lumumba at the Louisa Centre, Stanley to win the IBF World Cruiserweight Title
Glenn had a disabled younger brother who was not at the fight as their mother thought it would be too overwhelming for him, given his condition. 
During the fight; three local police officers arrived at the house, picked  up the Mother & Brother and rushed them to the fight just in time for them to see Glenn win the world title in his home town.
Needless to say; if we were able to track down any of the officers involved in that incident it would be a huge boost for our film. 
I appreciate what a long shot this is and I can only guess at how unlikely it is that a record exists of who was working on a given night more than 25 years ago.  Despite that, I wanted to get in touch to see if there is anything you could suggest that might help me track one of the officers down.
Once again I appreciate how unlikely this is but I hope you understand that I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't at least ask so I wondered if there is any possibility that you might be able to reach out to any retired officers in the Consett /Stanley area’s on my behalf to see if they might know any way that we could track down the officers working that night on June 3rd 1989.
Really appreciate any help or advice you can offer on this
All the best
David Finch

Surely… somebody out there can remember this memorable night & help David, who can be contacted on the following number or email :
Producer / Director - 300 Yards From Home
+44 771 7712556

Death of a retired Police Officer : Sgt 819 Malcolm (Max) Newby

It is with deepest sadness that I advise you of the death of a retired Police Officer : Sgt 819 Malcolm (Max) Newby who died on Thursday 22nd September 2016 , aged 63 years.
Max joined Durham Constabulary on 28th July 1975 and from HQ Training he spent his probationary period as a constable based in Derwentside area. 
In 1978 he moved on to work at Lanchester section, moving to South Moor in 1982. 
In 1987 he transferred to CID and spent 2 months at Durham before moving to Stanley CID.  Max was promoted to Sergeant in May 1989 and transferred to Seaham in uniform. 
In 1990 he moved back into CID,  firstly operational CID and later an Intelligence role at Chester-le-Street. 
In January 2000 he continued to work within Intelligence in a supervisory role but moved to work out of Durham City then in November 2000 he joined the Community Safety Team at Durham. He retired from this role on 27th July 2005 having completed 30 years police service.
Funeral arrangements are not yet confirmed but will be circulated when known.
Max is survived by his wife Ann and daughter Tori.
Our thoughts are with Max’s family and friends at this sad time.

Funeral arrangements are now confirmed as follows:
Friends and family are asked to meet for the funeral service at Mounsett Crematorium, Dipton  at 12.30pm on Friday 7th October 2016.

Thursday 15 September 2016

Reunion of staff from Bishop Auckland, Newton Aycliffe & Spennymoor offices

Billy Walker & Alan Courtney are organizing a reunion of staff from Bishop Auckland, Newton Aycliffe & Spennymoor offices on :

Thursday 3rd November,2016 at the Oak Leaf, Sports Complex Newton Aycliffe from 4.30pm onwards

Food can be purchased, if required, from the bar i.e. beefburgers, pizza, chips etc.
Alan and Bill are looking forward to meeting old colleagues and having a bit craick and a laugh over a few beers.
In order that they have some idea of numbers attending could you either email: or .
If this is a success, they are thinking of making it a yearly event

Wednesday 14 September 2016

NARPO Branch Meeting : November : Guest speakers

imgID68982445.jpg.gallerySecretary Stuart Ingram has been busy in the background and has spoken to the new Mayor of Darlington, Brian Jones and his Mace Bearer David Allaway, who have agreed to give a talk at our next meeting scheduled for November 28th at Durham Indoor Bowls Centre. 
Something along the lines of “My Public Life since retirement from the Police Service”
Brian is a member of NARPO and by midnight on the 28th November Stuart fully expect to have a signed application  from Mr Allaway !! Smile
Can you please spread the news.
It would be nice to see a good number at that meeting in support of Brian and David.

Thursday 1 September 2016

Ron Storey’s son to be married in Durham

Digital StillCameraClaire Ingram, the fiancĂ© of the late PC Ron Storey’s son Adrian Storey has been in touch with us  to tell us that Adrian is now living in Yorkshire and has done for 20 years, however he is extremely proud of his Durham heritage and of his late father.
Adrian and Claire are to be married on 3rd September 2016 at Aykley Heads House and will be holding their reception at the Royal County Hotel as its location holds many happy memories for Adrian and his family.
Claire said it would mean such a lot to Adrian if we could mention their special day and his late father, if this is possible?

Well it is possible Claire & from all the retired officers in Durham , many who worked with Ron over the years we hope you & Adrian have a fantastic wedding day up here in Durham and that all your hope’s, dreams & wishes for the future are fulfilled.

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