Friday 23 September 2016

Any Ex Consett/Stanley officers who can help with this one ??

I hope you're well and don’t mind me getting in touch.
My name is David Finch and I am making a short, independent documentary about a boxer from a town in County Durham called Consett. 
I wanted to get in touch because I am trying to track down a police officer who is a key part of the story and I was advised by Consett Police dept that you might be able to help.
On the night of 3rd June 1989 a boxer called Glenn McCrory won a world title in his home town of Stanley in Co Durham, when he defeated Patrick Lumumba at the Louisa Centre, Stanley to win the IBF World Cruiserweight Title
Glenn had a disabled younger brother who was not at the fight as their mother thought it would be too overwhelming for him, given his condition. 
During the fight; three local police officers arrived at the house, picked  up the Mother & Brother and rushed them to the fight just in time for them to see Glenn win the world title in his home town.
Needless to say; if we were able to track down any of the officers involved in that incident it would be a huge boost for our film. 
I appreciate what a long shot this is and I can only guess at how unlikely it is that a record exists of who was working on a given night more than 25 years ago.  Despite that, I wanted to get in touch to see if there is anything you could suggest that might help me track one of the officers down.
Once again I appreciate how unlikely this is but I hope you understand that I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't at least ask so I wondered if there is any possibility that you might be able to reach out to any retired officers in the Consett /Stanley area’s on my behalf to see if they might know any way that we could track down the officers working that night on June 3rd 1989.
Really appreciate any help or advice you can offer on this
All the best
David Finch

Surely… somebody out there can remember this memorable night & help David, who can be contacted on the following number or email :
Producer / Director - 300 Yards From Home
+44 771 7712556

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