Sunday 25 September 2016

Their memories live on….. in bricks and mortar

_91357047_oldhqOfficers from Durham Constabulary who lost their lives in the line of duty are to have their memories live on in bricks and mortar.
A new housing development on the site of the old police headquarters at Aykley Heads, will have streets named after the fallen officers.
The first two - Woodward Way and Maddison Court - reflect two men killed in 1958 and 1997.
Four others will refer to men who died between 1927 and 1982.
Aykley Woods development, by Persimmon Homes, is where the force's base was from 1968, until it become too costly to maintain.
'Fitting tribute'
The force's new £14m HQ was opened by the Princess Royal in May 2015.
Chief Constable Mike Barton said: "It seems a very fitting tribute to those who lost their lives protecting the public of County Durham and Darlington that they are remembered at a place so important to Durham Constabulary and our history."
The six officers to be honoured are:
- PC Matthew Walls Straughan, shot in June 1927 by a man on whom he had just served a summons
- Sgt Robert Little, killed by fumes in December 1930 rescuing an elderly woman trapped in a burning house
- PC William Ralph Shiell, shot chasing two burglars in March 1940
- Sgt Stanley Woodward, killed by a sniper while seconded to the British Police Unit in Cyprus October 1958
- Det Con James Brian Porter, shot chasing two armed robbers in March 1982
- PC Keith Maddison, died chasing two suspects from a stolen vehicle in May 1997

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