Thursday 1 September 2016

Ron Storey’s son to be married in Durham

Digital StillCameraClaire Ingram, the fiancé of the late PC Ron Storey’s son Adrian Storey has been in touch with us  to tell us that Adrian is now living in Yorkshire and has done for 20 years, however he is extremely proud of his Durham heritage and of his late father.
Adrian and Claire are to be married on 3rd September 2016 at Aykley Heads House and will be holding their reception at the Royal County Hotel as its location holds many happy memories for Adrian and his family.
Claire said it would mean such a lot to Adrian if we could mention their special day and his late father, if this is possible?

Well it is possible Claire & from all the retired officers in Durham , many who worked with Ron over the years we hope you & Adrian have a fantastic wedding day up here in Durham and that all your hope’s, dreams & wishes for the future are fulfilled.

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