Saturday 28 August 2010

This Is Funny....

Sorry.... This has nothing at all to do with NARPO but it is funny !!
The more you watch it the more you'll laugh....

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Death of a retired Police Officer - PC 275 Sandra Margaret Forsythe

It is with regret that we announce the death of ex-PC 275 Sandra Margaret Forsythe of Stockton-on-Tees. Ms Forsythe died on 20th August 2010 aged 40 years.

Monday 23 August 2010

Help support a charity cycle ride in memory of PC 1444 Chris Barber

Blog Header CB2 

The club's 'root's' were laid down in April 2009 to record the 'antic's' of the hardy souls.... who initially rode the Coast to Coast cycle ride on the 11-13th September 2009.
The ride was in aid of St Teresa's Hospice, Woodland Road, Darlington, where Mr 'Absolutely Average' - PC 1444 Chris Barber (firearms) was cared for, by his wife Ann, family members & staff of the hospice before he sadly died, after a short illness on the 5th April 2009.  The ride was a great success and raised £10,254.47.
As a result of this and the friendship that came from within the group it was decided to continue cycling and so ‘The Absolutely Average Cycling Club’ came into being.

(For those of you who new Chris, you will be aware that this was one of his favourite sayings)

This year on the 3rd-5th of September the group are to cycle from Edinburgh to Newcastle on the Coasts & Castles Cycle Route, approx 200mls on a pedal cycle !!

Because we are all ‘absolutely average’ cyclists we decided to rename the route the Coast, CAKES & Castles 2010 route. (as hopefully we’ll be stopping for some Cake to ‘ease’ the saddle sores !!)

Once again the aim is to raise some funds for St Teresa’s Hospice in Darlington. Sadly it’s usually only when we are effected by someone being admitted to a hospice that we see the fantastic work that is being done to help families through traumatic times.

St Teresa’s certainly helped Chris & his family when he most needed it.

Please, if you can, visit our Just Giving page and make a donation to the Hospice, making our journey worthwhile and also to remember a first class colleague who was sadly taken away from us with cancer.

Please click on this link to read more and donate :   Just Giving

To keep up to date with how the ride is progressing visit : Coast, CAKES and Castles 2010

B Shift – Darlington July 1974 (Lyke Wake Walk)

Many Thanks to Arthur Proud for sending a couple of photo’s that might just put a smile on one or two faces……
The 'uniform' picture was taken mid- July 1976 in the week that 'B' shift Darlington, set off on an overnight sponsored 'yomp' of the Lyke Wake Walk to raise funds for the Darlington swimming pool and faclities for the disabled. The second picture was taken about three weeks later when a cheque for over £1,000 was presented to the council - no small amount for the time – a PC’s pay was under £60 a month net in those days. Both pictures courtesy of the Northern Echo.
B Shift 1976u
Top l - r. Bill Crosby, Mally Lear, Dave Muckle, Mick Thompson, John Walton
Bottom l - r. Ian Phillips, Ian Storey, Arthur Proud, Mick Martin.
B Shift 1976c 
Top l - r. Eddy Brewster, Mally Lear, Dave Muckle
Middle l - r. Ian Storey, Arthur Proud, Gordon Eddy
Bottom l - r. Mick Thompson, Cheque recipient, Ian Phillips, John Walton.

Thursday 19 August 2010

Death of a retired Police Officer - PC 900 James Hunter

It is with regret that we announce the death of retired PC 900 James Hunter from Durham, who died on the 17th August 2010 aged 83 years.

Wednesday 18 August 2010

Death of a retired Police Officer - Sgt 16 John Robert Hutchinson

It is with regret that we announce the death of ex Sgt 16 John Robert Hutchinson of Sherburn Village, Durham.  Mr Hutchinson died on the 17th August 2010 aged 87 years.  .

Tuesday 17 August 2010

Death of retired Police Officer - Sgt 54 Cecil McCrickard

It is with regret that we announce the death of retired Sgt 54 Cecil McCrickard from Fife, who died on the 15/08/10 aged 86 years.

Monday 16 August 2010

Castle Eden Police Division 1957

Castle Eden 1957 Clive Brown

Castle Eden Police Division 1957 :
Back row: Keith Gutteridge; ? ? Joe Carr; Bob Oliver; John George; Jack Blair; Tony?; Bill Younger; Eddie Cooper; Tommy Tait
4th row: ? ? ; Dick Stott; Cyril Pickering;  ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Bob Maughan; ? ? ? ;John L. Jackson
3rd row: Walter Hastings; Dave Douglas; Tommy Judd; Maurice Cluer; ? ? ? ? ? ; Bill Northcote; ? ; Bob Luke; Eric Brown; ? ? ; Dick Oliver
2nd row:  ? ? ?  Sgt. Percy Palin; ? ? C/Insp. Jock McGill; Supt. George Rowell; C/Insp. 'Danny' Kaye; ? ? Sgt? Carter; ? ?
front row: Cadet John Boast; Cdt Clive Brown; Ann Carter (Civ. Typist) ?  P.w. Bernadette Hoole; Edith Gibson  (Civ. Typist); Cdt George Wheatley
If you can identify others, please forward your ideas to the Durham Narpo blog, through the comments column or contact Alan Watson at the Durham Peeler Magazine direct.

Photo was submitted by Clive Brown ex Durham P.C. 821 / ex Sergeant 2821 Northumbria

With a little help from George Wheatley who is also on the photograph, Clive has identified some of the group

Friday 13 August 2010

Early Motorcycle Section

Honda 750 F1

Norton Commando 750

Two picture’s from Alan Bewley – the one on the left shows Alan (approx 1979) with his Honda F1 750-4  about to escort a monster load at Seaham - this attracted the attention of the local press....hence the photo !!!

The photo on the right is from 1976 and shows Alan’s Norton Commando 750

Click on the photograph to view the ‘Those were the (Durham NARPO) days’ photo album

More Motorcycle Section photo’s can be viewed at :

Syndicate 299 (B) - Spring 1966


Syndicate 299 (B) taken Spring 1966.

Durham Officers are Back Row 2nd from left Derek Rodgers,2nd from right Barry Wood end of row right Colin Rutherford. Middle Row 3rd from left Geoff Perry, end of row right Gordon Wilson. Centre seated Instructor Jack Goldsborough. (Many Thanks to Barry Wood for providing the photo)

Click on the photograph to view the ‘Those were the (Durham NARPO) days’ photo album

Wednesday 11 August 2010

Death of retired Police Officer (ex. Durham & Northumbria)

Retired Police Constable Michael BAXTER, 67 years, of Houghton le Spring,  died on Friday, 6th August, 2010.
Mr Baxter served in Durham Constabulary  prior to the amalgamation in1974, before transferring to Northumbria for the rest of his service. Details of his career are not known.

Monday 9 August 2010

PLEASE READ. Have your say - Give Us Your Views for Conference in September.

Dear Colleague,


This years NARPO Conference at Torquay on the 10th September will feature a panel debate with questions from delegates focussed on the ‘Future of NARPO’. The panel of HMIC Bernard Hogan – Howe, Vice Chairman Police Federation Simon Reed, NARPO President Eric Evans and NARPO CEO Clint Elliott will respond.

Conference will be looking at every aspect of the organisation and asking ‘are we fit for purpose?’ Topics under discussion will include:

  • Is the current Branch structure suitable for the future? There are currently 111 Branches throughout England and Wales; some are more active than others. Some Branches respond to NARPO requests others do not.
  • Are we as efficient and financially sound as we should be? Maybe the amalgamation of Branches is not the answer but we need to look at ways of improving our effectiveness in providing a standardised level of service to all our members. Should we have larger hub branches covering, for example, a Force area that deals with all membership, financial and logistical matters, with smaller social and welfare groups sitting underneath it?
  • How do we attract volunteers to fulfil local branch functions? If we move to larger branches would it be appropriate to pay a salary to compensate for the demands that would be placed upon some roles.
  • Are our local welfare arrangements fit for purpose? How could they be improved?
  • How do we extend our membership base? There is evidence that  some Branches do not fully utilise the rules on membership and as a result potential members are missed simply because they haven’t served long enough to be a ‘full member’, when they could have joined as an ‘associate member’. Should the membership rules be relaxed?
  • Should we encourage police staff, community support officers, special constables and all former police employees to join NARPO?
  • Do we have sufficient representation on pre-retirement courses? Is the input we are giving relevant, up to date and delivered in the right style and by the right person? What other recruitment methods are appropriate
  • Image is important to prospective members and is the use of the word ‘retired’ still relevant? Many officers leave the police service and continue working in other employment – does the word ‘retired’ give them wrong impression? Would we be better using a different word? For example ‘former’ and should we consider changing the name of the organisation?
 It is hoped that delegates attending Conference will enter into the debate and that they will be honest and frank about their views.
Of the 111 branches that were asked to nominate, a staggering 31 branches will not have delegates at Conference, 11 branches declining to send any delegates with a further 20 failing to respond to the request at all!
We are anxious to get all views on this important matter and if you or your Branch is not being represented at Conference please send any questions for the panel or comments on the future to NARPO HQ. We will endeavour to put your questions to the panel on the 10th September.
If NARPO (or whatever we choose to call ourselves) is to survive through 2019 and the next 100 years, there will be many more questions, more changes and perhaps some pain, but it is vital that we all play our part now and take steps to ensure that however we approach the future it is done in best interest of current and future members and in a concerted manner.

Yours sincerely,
Clint Elliott QPM
Chief Executive Officer

Sunday 8 August 2010

Letter of appreciation

My mother suffered a stroke in December 08 and eventually resided at Tenlands Care home Ferryhill. However, her condition began to deteriorate earlier this year and she eventually transferred to the EMI (elderly,mentally.infirm) unit at Defoe Court in April.
In view of her condition with dementure I do not see any advantage to be gained by continuing her membership of NARPO. However, I would just like to say thank you to you and your members who have been so supportive to Nellie since my dad Mick Thornton died in 1992. I cannot think of another profession where such support is sustained throughout a lifetime.

Best wishes,
Mike Thornton             01388  777357

Can you help? Research information required. Gateshead Borough Police

I am writing to you to enquire if any of your readers could help me with my project.
I am an ex Gateshead Special Constable (1976 - 1989) and joined the Met in 1989, where I am now a Sergeant based at Peel Centre, Hendon.
During my time at Gateshead I took a great interest in the local history of the old Gateshead Force. Since my time with Northumbria in the 1970's and 80's I have managed to collect a vast amount of information about the Gateshead Force between 1836 up to it's amalgamation in October 1968 with Durham.
The information I have includes information about officers who joined the force going back to 1836, therefore I do quite a bit of research for people who's relatives have served in the force. I have a web site at :

I am now in the process of bringing that information together as a History book about the Gateshead force.
Does any of your readers have any old photographs, memorabilia, stories or other information that could help me ? If so, could they contact me as follows:
George Marshall - Telephone 07957 408 337 or by email at:
Kind regards,
George Marshall - Sergeant 517CC - Metropolitan Police

Saturday 7 August 2010

New photo’s courtesy of the North East Police History Society

These are some photos, sent by Barry Wood and donated to the North East Police History society by the brother of John Luke who helped set up the Underwater search Unit. We would like to share them and ask if anyone might be able to name names. The photo’s have been added to our ‘Those were the (Durham NARPO) days’ photo album…..

Double click on each image to go to the album and view them larger and also to get info as to who was in the picture, If you can add any more info then please leave a comment next to the photo within the album. PLEASE remember to send any any photo’s you might have for the album - at the highest resolution you can scan them at to

Castle Eden1952

John Lowes

Syndicate 1950

Wednesday 4 August 2010

Closure of Sports Complex Aykley Heads, Durham.

On behalf of the Chief Constable, Jon Stoddart, I regret to inform you that the Aykley Heads Sports Complex is to be permanently closed in the very near future.

I realise that many of our members will feel put out at the loss of this facility but with the stringent cuts imposed on the Police Budget for the ensuing year(s), drastic savings must be made!

Mr. Stoddart wishes it to be know that there are stark and obviously not very popular choices to be made. Cutting maintenance costs (i.e. imminent and essential extensive essential repairs to the Sports Complex) is a primary choice There will be many other reductions in service areas which may mitigate the necessity of in direct cuts to police and support staff personnel. Watch this space!

The most practical choices of cuts have been carefully costed, considered and instituted to minimise effects on the efficiency of the continuing fine service we to the public . I'm sure that you all have the interests of our Service at heart and will accept the cuts as outlined. If you have any queries, observations, suggestions or simply wanting to " rant", please forward your thoughts to the blog under 'comments' following this article.

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