Sunday 8 August 2010

Can you help? Research information required. Gateshead Borough Police

I am writing to you to enquire if any of your readers could help me with my project.
I am an ex Gateshead Special Constable (1976 - 1989) and joined the Met in 1989, where I am now a Sergeant based at Peel Centre, Hendon.
During my time at Gateshead I took a great interest in the local history of the old Gateshead Force. Since my time with Northumbria in the 1970's and 80's I have managed to collect a vast amount of information about the Gateshead Force between 1836 up to it's amalgamation in October 1968 with Durham.
The information I have includes information about officers who joined the force going back to 1836, therefore I do quite a bit of research for people who's relatives have served in the force. I have a web site at :

I am now in the process of bringing that information together as a History book about the Gateshead force.
Does any of your readers have any old photographs, memorabilia, stories or other information that could help me ? If so, could they contact me as follows:
George Marshall - Telephone 07957 408 337 or by email at:
Kind regards,
George Marshall - Sergeant 517CC - Metropolitan Police

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