Monday 23 August 2010

B Shift – Darlington July 1974 (Lyke Wake Walk)

Many Thanks to Arthur Proud for sending a couple of photo’s that might just put a smile on one or two faces……
The 'uniform' picture was taken mid- July 1976 in the week that 'B' shift Darlington, set off on an overnight sponsored 'yomp' of the Lyke Wake Walk to raise funds for the Darlington swimming pool and faclities for the disabled. The second picture was taken about three weeks later when a cheque for over £1,000 was presented to the council - no small amount for the time – a PC’s pay was under £60 a month net in those days. Both pictures courtesy of the Northern Echo.
B Shift 1976u
Top l - r. Bill Crosby, Mally Lear, Dave Muckle, Mick Thompson, John Walton
Bottom l - r. Ian Phillips, Ian Storey, Arthur Proud, Mick Martin.
B Shift 1976c 
Top l - r. Eddy Brewster, Mally Lear, Dave Muckle
Middle l - r. Ian Storey, Arthur Proud, Gordon Eddy
Bottom l - r. Mick Thompson, Cheque recipient, Ian Phillips, John Walton.

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