Thursday 11 February 2010

"TheWrinklies" in Snow-wonderland

The first group activity of the "Over the Hill Gang". 30th December 2009 doing an " easy" walk in tough conditions in Simonside/Rothbury area, Northumberland.
John Bell, Tim Wilson, Ian "Matty" Knight,Colin Appleby and Steve Heiniger (all ex Durham) plus Phil Veitch (Cleveland)
 Angus McGarry, Jim Cowan and Steve Heseltine all Northumbria Mountain Rescue colleagues of Steve Heiniger.

Further walks being planned for 2010
Battlefield walks
Castles walks
Reiver historical walks
Roman historical walks
The newly formed group plan to participate in pleasant walks (approximately monthly) in pleasant company
Anyone genuinely wishing to participate or learn more about the activities should contact the organizers by email:-

Steve Heiniger

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