Sunday 2 May 2010

Hospital Visits - Jeff Miller

NARPO member, Jeff Miller (ex PC 431 Traffic) recently (2nd April) suffered a brain hemorrhage and was rushed to Newcastle General where he underwent emergency surgery.
Jeff has subsequentley been transferred for rehabilitation to Ward 17 of Bishop Auckland General Hospital.
I have spoken to Jeff's wife Eunice and she would be glad if anybody who know's Jeff could drop in and spend a few minute's with him.
Visiting is all day but if you could avoid meals times it would be appreciatted.
Jeff is suffering from short term memory loss and Eunice has a book in the room where you can write down your name etc so that she can talk to Jeff about your visit to help with his rehabilitation (long term memory is excellent)
So... if you're over in the Bishop area and have a few minute's to spare (and help out a fellow NARPO member) then call in and give Jeff a visit and 'catch up' on old times etc...
(Please pass this on to any of your friends who might have worked with Jeff)

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