Monday, 25 October 2010

Do You Remember Tom Hoggarth (Mounted Branch, Harperley Hall in 1960's?)

Hello Alan,
I was interested in the "Those Were The Days" section and noticed Sgt. Gordon English has departed (Yes 18th. May, 2010). I believe that he was on the Mounted Branch at Harperley Hall in the 1960's with my late husband, Tom Hoggarth. I also noticed my then next door neighbour's photograph, Ernie Burden.
I am now living in Western Australia and would love to hear from anyone who remembers us. Most likely contacts will be from Hartlepool, although we did live in Houghton le Spring, Toronto and Bishop Auckland
kind regards,  Beryl Eissens

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Ken Thurlbeck said...

I was stationed at West Hartlepool during the early 1950s and had the pleasure of showing Tom around the beat during his probation and was one of his mentors during our mutual short attachments to the C.I.D. He was a very gregarious person, roguishly confident for his years and a joy to be with. He was someone you'd want on your side if there was trouble.

The name 'Beryl' rings a bell somewhere and it's possible we may have met during those early but happy years.

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