Saturday, 10 November 2012

Death of a retired Police Officer : Sgt 186 John Waller

It is with regret that we announce the death of retired Sergeant 186 John Waller, who died on the 6th November, aged 96 years.
He leaves a widow Freda Margaret Waller and a son Donald Waller.
John Waller retired from HQ in 1969 after 31 years' service, he had previously served at Barracks, Jarrow, Darlington, Consett, Annfield Plain and Stanley, serving in CID & Traffic departments.
Upon retirement Mr Waller continued to work in various civilian departments including driving school until finally retiring in 1981.

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Pat Whittaker PW 14 said...

Johnny 96 (and leaving a widow). Good innings.

I remember him almost reducing me to tears on my driving course in '75. Anything you did wrong he'd rap you across the knuckles with a stick! You never forgot though. Happy days.

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