Friday 25 January 2013

Help with pictures of Harperley Hall (1971–1980)

A request for some pictures from one of our readers. If any of you have any pictures of Harperley Hall, etc from this time (or suggest who might have), please can you forward via : and we will publish on the site & in the gallery :

“Dear Sir/Madam,
I found your site fascinating seeing some faces I recognise from child hood.
I was brought up at Harperley Hall, Durham Constabulary's training facility and home at the time to the mounted branch and the police dogs , between 1971 to 1976 before moving to a Police house in near by Fir Tree village.
My father Bill Maltman, was a mounted officer and I was wondering if you have any more photos from Harperley Hall around the time 1971-1980.
My own family hear me talking about my childhood growing up with the excitement of Police horses and dogs and police cars being around but I've never been able to show them any photos.
Many thanks,
best regards,
Glenn “

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