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While some settle immediately into full retirement some others enter into new phase of their lives.

For those that have already switched or for those that are thinking of beginning a new career in the security or private investigation sectors help is at hand in the form of EPIC (Ex Police in Industry and Commerce) It’s aims are to provide a business networking organisation exclusively for former police officers who can meet the highest standards of "integrity assured” candidature and pass the strictest vetting processes. The service is available to those both in the public and private sector who are employed or self employed 

EPIC was established in 1979 and is the only business networking association for former officers of all ranks. All members are vetted prior to enrolment so as to comply with the organisation strap line of “Integrity assured” Members are both employed and self employed and enjoy a range of benefits

It holds regional meetings, conferences and has a sophisticated software platform, designed to drive new business to members and to have members support each other.  The ethos of continuous professional development is promoted.  

All members are entitled to use the EPIC Brand logo in their business and personal lives .EPIC considers itself to be part of the wider Police family. 

It is also a provider of training, and particularly transition training for those leaving the police service, who want to continue in a second career, or engage in industry and commerce in their own business ventures.  

EPIC also aims to be involved in consultative processes prior to regulatory impact assessments, and to represent members views in industry forums.   

Members were traditionally involved in investigations and security, but now the organisation hosts all skill sets on a business to business context within industry and commerce, and so, consultancy, in all its disciplines, and specialists in HR, marketing, leadership, business and corporate support and a range of allied specialism’s are well represented.  

We welcome all ranks, but senior status in the police service will not attract senior status within EPIC as all members are evenly represented in a business context. Eligibility is by previous UK police service, even to those who have left early and had their pension entitlement deferred, or those who have full pension entitlement

Membership benefits include;

  • An online discussion forum
  • Peer networking
  • A recognised industry body
  • Free legal helpline
  • Free fraud helpline
  • Free health and safety helpline
  • The use of the Integrity assured logo on business correspondence

EPIC is both a stepping stone and mentor organisation through the transitioning period of change for those coming into the industry

Regular meetings are held throughout the country with presentations on topical issues and subjects to keep members abreast on new developments in security, crime investigation and prevention techniques and forensic and physical security

Further information can be obtained from the organisation web site


or contact Colin Gibson via email :  colin.gibson@tnt.co.uk

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