Saturday, 3 August 2013

Who are these officers ??

HQ Aycliffe. front row Ch Supt Bob WardCan anyone can help with the identities of the people in the picture believed to have been taken at
HQ Aycliffe.

Officer front centre is ex Ch Supt Ken England and another of the officers in the front row is believed to be  ex Ch Supt Bob Ward.

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Anonymous said...

Back Row, extreme left - Tom Teasdale
Back Row, extreme right- Jack(?) Robinson (later Insp)
Front row, extreme right - D/Insp. Ralph Lee

Best guesses


Back Row Left to Right
1. ????? 2. Alf Bowring.{Shildon & Durham 2John Bousfield(Fingerprints)
3. Tom Stokoe (Plan Drawers) 4.Jack Robinson
HQ Admin - War Duties -Darlington
Front Row L--R
1.Ted Curry. 2 ??? Don't think this is Ken EnglaND 3. RALPH LEE

England 3. Ralph Lee

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