Friday 6 December 2013

Computer Virus–Zeus

Message from Welfare Department :

The following message has been circulated in Force by the Information Security Officer.
We were particularly thinking about the number of people who skype family and over the festive period this might even increase and include people new to the service and less familiar with spotting anything unusual.
We hope you feel it is worth sharing via your circulation as we think we all know someone whose had problems with a computer virus and it just might help save even just one person from this misery!
There is currently an email based malware campaign where the victim is sent an email with an attachment claiming to be a Skype voicemail message.
The purpose of the email is to get you to download the 'voicemail' file, which is actually a piece of malware called 'Zeus'.
Zeus is pretty nasty in that it logs your keystrokes in an attempt to obtain banking details and log-ins.
It is difficult to detect even with up to date Anti-Virus software so the best bet is not to click on the link in the first place!
Usually Zeus targets computers with Microsoft Windows operating systems, however some variants will infect Blackberry and Android phones too (Mac and Linux systems appear not to be infected).
If you get one of these emails to your personal address, don't open the link - just delete the email.

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