Wednesday 18 June 2014

The Police Mutual Wellbeing Zone

Message from NARPO HQ
The Police Mutual Wellbeing Zone has now gone mobile see attached and below for Instructions on how to install.
Mobile App
Great news! The Wellbeing Zone is now available as a Mobile App – on iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms.
In partnership with PMAS, we have now completed the work which means your Wellbeing Zone site is now accessible via the PMF Wellbeing App.
We have updated your website so there is now a ‘Call to Action’ banner on your Landing Page with links to the private store pages, where your users can install the app. We have also put the details on the attached Login Flyer for you, and summarised below.
All your members need to do is visit the relevant Store Page link from their smartphone and follow the instructions to install the app –their site username and password will then allow them to login to the App.
They need to use the Store Page links, as distribution is not via the public app stores, because the ‘PMF Wellbeing App’ is a private, bespoke business B2B application.
Installation details:
·         Install only available directly via
·         Install directly via
·         User can also search on 'PMF Wellbeing Zone' in Google Play Store and install directly from there.
·         Install only available directly via
Please circulate to members

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