Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Who is the Sgt ??

PC Jack Blair & Sgt ??

Photo shows PC Jack Blair on his Norton motorcycle (JPT404) but who is the Sgt next to him on the Norton (RPT156)

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Vic Codling said...

Hi there
I could be wrong but that Sgt on the motor bike on your website looks like an old Sgt I worked under as a probationer at Stanley in 1971. Sgt Douglas (Dougy) Fowler'.
I've no idea if he ever worked in a bike - but it certainly looks like him. Sorry I've no recall of his shoulder number, but what a great old guy - the most professional I ever worked for!
If it is him - would love to hear.
Vic Codling - now retired also, via Northumbria and finally the Met'.

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