Tuesday 27 January 2015

A Shift Consett, approx 1999

Cadets new

Back Row – L to R : Mick Dunn, Phil Donnelly, Steve Wass, Sam Chong, Barbara Powell, Dave Mitchell, Cath Knox, Ian Lambert, Dave Summers, Shaun Lavender,

Front Row – L to R : Yvonne Dutson, Sgt Chris Headley, Sgt George Ledger, Steve Donnelly, Paula Cook.

Missing from the shift picture are Insp Colin McGillivray and PC Joe Carr

Many Thanks to Phil Donnelly (who was then a Police Cadet) for providing the photo  (Phil is now living in Cairns, Australia)

If you have any old photos from your time with Durham Constabulary that you’d like to share on this website please email us at durhamnarpo @gmail.com

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