Monday 23 February 2015

Consett Police 1989 ??

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‘Many Thanks’ to Neil Walker for sending in this photo which was taken outside of Consett Police Station about 1989
Neil was a Police Constable at Consett for a short while during the late 1980's before transferring to Cleveland Police during September 1990 and he recalls his time there with great fondness. His tutor Constable was Steve Smith.
Neil cannot recall why the photo was taken

Back Row: PC Ray Armstrong, PC Joe Minto, PC Sean McCarrol, PC George Ledger, Sgt Eddie Bell, Sgt John Bartlett.

Middle Row: ?, Me (PC Neil Walker), PC Darren Ellis, PC Steve Campbell, Sgt Bill Ellen, Sgt Dave Taylor

Front Row: DI Arthur Proud, Insp. Ian Thew, Supt. Stan Heggarty, Ch. Insp. John Guest.

If anybody can identify the ??’s or let us know why the photo was taken please either leave a comment or send a quick email to

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