Saturday 13 June 2015

Spouses Pension For Life

NARPO have been supporting a campaign seeking to achieve police spouse pensions for life, initially started by widow member Kate Hall
Kate launched a petition on this topic last year and the petition attracted over 70,000 signatures. We now wish to enlist your support in drawing more attention to the campaign directly with the recently elected members of Parliament.
Although the Government appear to have made some concessions towards spouses in this matter, those concessions have not yet been consolidated in law but in any case leave police widows and widowers in England, Wales and Scotland at a disadvantage when compared with widows and widowers of police officers from Northern Ireland, where the legislation has been changed to allow all police widows and widowers to retain their pension entitlement following co-habitation or remarriage.
We have drafted a letter on this topic with specific reference to the situation in Northern Ireland, which you may be happy to send to your local Member of Parliament to assist us in this campaign. Local Members of Parliament may also be interested in specific cases of how the current restriction on co-habitation and remarriage affects our members who are their own constituents.
Details of your Member of Parliament can be found at: FIND MY MP

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