Wednesday 14 October 2015

PD Nero & PC 1882 Arthur Charlton

PD Nero & Arthur CharltonPD Nero is pictured here with his handler PC 1482 Arthur Charlton who was a handler for 26 years & an instructor for 3 before he retired in 1993. (The information & photos used have been kindly passed to us by his Granddaughter & taken from an email she sent the PawsUp ‘team’).
Nero was born in 1976 and was a county bred puppy, with the Kennel Name ‘Aycliffe Pedro’….Granddad (Arthur)changed his name to Nero so he wouldn’t have to shout PEDRO in public!
Nero was given to my Granddad in 1977 when he was 3 months old and he served as a general purpose dog until 1986 when he retired after suffering an injury to his front left paw after jumping from a high wall. He then went to live with the Landlord at the Black Bull Pub in Ferryhill with another Police Dog, Lance (who was twice the size of Nero!)
Nero also took part in many competitions and won the Additional Police Dog Trials in 1982. Nero once went missing after taking part in a search and rescue; a girl found him in the woods and tried to take him back into Bishop Auckland. To the girl’s surprise, Nero (apparently) recognised where he was and found the Police Station and barked until someone came to find him! Quite clever for a dog who thought eating a plastic beef burger was a good idea; and who thought he could fit a garden clothes prop through a door…lengthways!

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