Tuesday 1 March 2016

Police Dependants' Trust Survey

Around 11,000 serving officers have shared their views on the support available following a physical or psychological injury on duty. Now they would like to hear from anyone who has retired/resigned from a force in England and Wales within the last five years.
This research, which is being conducted by the Department of Sociology at the University of Surrey, will highlight ways in which they (and others) can do more to support officers and their families. In respect of former officers, they are particularly keen to learn more about how easy or otherwise it is to make the transition into life after 'the job'. Given the pace of change in policing, by limiting this part of our study to those who have left more recently they can make sure they are considering the impact of current practices and whether they have a role to play.
They would be delighted if you would complete the survey which remains open until 6 March. If it's not appropriate to you, please do forward it to friends and any former colleagues you're still in touch with.  

Complete the former officers survey now

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