Thursday, 15 December 2016

Dishforth Police Training Centre, Yorkshire, 1967

Dishforth 1967

Dishforth Police Training Centre, Yorkshire, 1967.
Student Police officers from constabularies far and wide - from the top left -Steve Hargest (Gloscester)  J.D.Brooks (Leeds) Roger Fry (Bristol) Haymer (South Shields)  John Hodge (Northumberland)  Pete Collins (Lincolnshire)  Dave Carrington (West Riding Yorkshire)  Clifford (Durham County)  Paul Green (Durham County)  Harry Moore (Hull City)  J.S.Gorman (Middlesborough)  Elizabeth Baty ( Lincolnshire)  Doyle (Hull)  R. Hayward unreadable (West Rising Yorkshire) Pamela J. Rymer (West Riding Yorkshire)  Alice L Copthorne (West Riding Yorkshire)  Linda Steele ( Lincolnshire)  Elizabeth Beall (Sheffield and Rotherham,  Alan Cowie ( Newcastle City Police.
Many Thanks to Roger Fry (Bristol) for sharing this photo


Anonymous said...

The syndicate instructor, omitted from the captions, was Harry Parkinson (Durham)

Anonymous said...

I have a very similar picture taken in May 1970 when I trained as a Police Officer.I expected to go being a cadet in the West Yorkshire Force to Pannal Ash training establishment but there were two many recruits in March 1970 so the overflow went to Dishforth.On my course we had PCs from Notts ,Lincs ,Hampshire,Sussex and Sheffield.Made it interesting with accents and experiences especially as Sgt Hardisty? our instructor was from Newcastle!The girl I shared with from
the Sheffield force had a room that was the old operating theatre.Obviously very different than now very few women on the course.It was quite odd for me as I was a local girl from Ripon and so my trip home at weekends was a very short one! .

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