Wednesday 1 July 2020

Request for info. re death of a retired Durham/Cleveland officer : Leslie George Fleming

Cleveland NARPO have taken a report of the death of one of their members : Leslie George Fleming, 93yrs, who died on 26th June 2020, peacefully in hospital after a fall at home.
Mr Fleming served between 1956 – 1986 in Durham, Teesside and Cleveland Constabulary’s so may be known to some of Durham Branch members.
He leaves a widow Irene, three children, grand children and great Grandchildren.
His funeral is to be held at Stockton crematorium on Friday 10th July 2020, restricted to close family only due to current restrictions.
The family would be interested in information regarding four commendations he got during his service, which force is unclear, it is believed he generally worked Stockton, Norton and Billingham areas
If anybody has any information with regards to Mr Fleming,  please could you email :

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