Friday 4 December 2020

HQ Traffic Branch 1972

HQ Traffic Branch 1972

L to R : Back Row : Sgt Errington, Sgt Hillary, Sgt Colgrave, Sgt Jones, PC Dent, PC Scot, PC Naylor

L to R : Centre Row : Sgt Smith, Mary French, PW Fraser, G Smith, N Parkinson, A Daglish, PW Bartley,Audrey Fidiam, PC Hall

L to R : Front Row : Ch Insp Kirkup, Supt Thompson, Supt Askew, C/Supt Harper, Supt Usher,Ch Insp Rutherford, Insp Dent

Names were taken from the rear of the photo which are faded so if anybody can correct or add first names please email and well be able to update the info.

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