Saturday 31 December 2022

Durham Constabulary Historic Print

 In the late 1990’s, under the leadership of Chief Constable George Hedges, Durham Constabulary commissioned a Durham Police Historic Painting.

This superb painting has an instantly recognisable montage backdrop from around the force area, whilst in the foreground are police officers, vehicles and animals, all taken from force photographic records, resulting in a uniquely blended historical 'snapshot' of the force from inception to current day

Colour prints are individually signed by the artist and strictly limited to 999 in the edition and you may wish to contact us to see if a special number is available (i.e. your collar number).  Each print is a unique opportunity to own and hand down a special celebration of policing through the ages.

Blue Lamp Prints is a company run by husband and wife team, Sue and Mark Custerson; Mark, at the time of the production, was a serving Police Officer with Hertfordshire Constabulary.


A number of these unframed prints are still available at a cost of £41.00 and at least one retired officer, who was unaware of the print’s existence, has recently purchased a copy, which was allocated with the officer’s Police number.

The print would measure some 34.5” x 15” once framed and has the Force Crest printed centrally below the picture.

Anyone wishing to obtain a print can contact Sue and Mark via or on 01487 773799.


When Mark and Mick were touring the County in preparation of the painting, they visited Darlington Police yard unannounced and photographed a number of Police vehicles.  They then travelled to Darlington Railway Station, where they were soon joined by uniformed officers in shirt sleeve order, one male and one female.  The reason for the impromptu meeting was to be questioned as to who they were and why they were taking photographs at the rear of the Police Station.

These two officers and their Peugeot Police Vehicle are depicted in the bottom right of the print.  

Do you know who these officers are?  

If so, we would really love to know.

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