Monday 19 February 2024

CG Reunion Lunch - Thursday 11th April 2024

CG Reunion Lunch. Thursday 11th April 2024. 12 noon for 1pm.

Durham Indoor Bowling Club, Pity Me, Three course lunch including tea/coffee. Cost £26.

Current membership runs at 40 to 50. Whilst operating under CG Banner the event has long since been a reunion for members (police/support staff) who have served, regardless of location. The event has been running for some 25 years. Like all events of this nature, for obvious reasons, attendances are dwindling. Are we in danger of closing ? NO. Would we welcome new blood? Obviously YES.

You would receive a warm welcome and be seated with ex colleagues of your choice.

If interested please contact Harry Angus via ‘ ‘ for further information. Invitations are to be circulated 01/03/24.

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