Monday, 1 March 2010

Darlington Division Cricket Team 1977. Winners of Great Aycliffe Town Cricket Knockout Cup

Police : 106 for 6 wickets. U.M.M. Newton Aycliffe: 68 for 8 wickets.
(back) Umpire (?); David Waterfall Brown; Adrian? ; Gerry Smith; Geoff Whittingham; Frank Hills; Ray Clish; Umpire (?)
(front) Ian Bestford; Dave Lee; Tommy Firth (Manager); Dave Carroll; Chris Jordison; Bill Hills 


Des Redhead said...

some faces I remember serving Darlington 1976-80 before emigrating to Canada

Terry Johnson said...

the Adrian? is Adrian Coales who transferred to the Met after his probation at Darlington

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