Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Letter to NARPO members from Ron Hogg

Ron HoggDear Colleague’s,
It was with a great sense of personal regret that I retired from the Police Service, just over 4 years ago, after 30 years service. It is an emotion that, I know, each of you will be familiar with.
However, I have been provided with the opportunity to once more serve our communities in the role of Police and Crime Commissioner. I have been selected as the Labour Party Candidate for Durham Constabulary. I find the opportunity of being associated once more with the Constabulary truly exciting and I hope that I can persuade you to support me by voting on 15th November.
These are difficult times for the service and I believe that the Commissioner needs a clear understanding of policing and working with communities if they are to be successful.
I attach for your information a brief statement of my commitments and hope that you will choose to support my nomination.
With very best wishes,
Ron Hogg

Election Address – Ron Hogg

As your Police and Crime Commissioner I promise to listen to your needs, seek out the concerns of all and tackle them. I will hold the Service to account on your behalf.
I will resist and make clear the impact of the Government cuts which have already cost 140 officers and 200 police staff.
I will ensure that we maintain neighbourhood policing at current levels and maintain a mix of police officers and PCSOs. We will deliver local policing, working with local people to deliver local solutions.

I will resist the drive for privatisation of your police service, ensuring that policing remains for people and not for profit. In this regard I will seek to develop imaginative solutions to ensure that public services continue to be delivered by public sector employees.
I will work tirelessly to protect all members of our community, but especially the weak and the vulnerable. I will work with the victims and witnesses to crime so that we can improve our service to them. I will tackle domestic violence which makes up one third of all violent crime. I shall ensure that through me our communities have a voice.
I will address known concerns such as anti-social behaviour and drug and alcohol related problems, and work with the Police and partners to ensure a coordinated response in tackling and reducing crime.
In short I promise to work with you and to work for you. I have 30 years policing experience working at the highest levels and I know that I can make a difference.

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John Blake said...

Like it or not, as the election of the first police and crime commissioners approaches it is important that we have a clear understanding of what the candidates for Durham Constabulary have to offer. Ron Hogg has outlined his approach to the role and is obviously an excellent candidate, offering a wealth of experience in policing.

Now that the Branch has given the Labour candidate the opportunity to state his case for election, should we not approach the other candidates to give them the same opportunity. As someone who has not yet decided who should get my vote, and having concerns about the introduction of party politics into policing, I would welcome the opportunity to hear from them through the NARPO site.

The eventual winner of the election will have a tremendous amount of power and I have no doubt that in the future the Branch will have issues to raise with the new commissioner. This is an ideal opportunity to make contact with all the candidates, give them the chance to state their case and make them aware of the role of Durham NARPO.

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