Saturday 27 October 2012

The forthcoming Police Commissioner Elections

Ron Hogg  has taken the trouble to make direct contact with NARPO and shown commitment by furnishing details of his stance on the new post of Police Commissioner for Durham.  We have published his words for information of all members.

There are three other official candidates for the election on 15th November, 2012 who have not yet made contact albeit they  have an equal right to address our blog if they so wish. We are completely neutral and non- political on this issue. If they are not aware of NARPO then WHY NOT?  it tells its own story as far as I’m concerned.

Our members can get further information on each of the candidates by clicking on this link :

I am not inclined to pursue each candidate directly – if candidates or our members are interested they, have a ready source of reference as outlined above.

Let me make it quite clear that  we are completely open minded and  NOT politically inclined nor showing any preference for any of the candidates

List of Candidates:

Mike Costello : UK Independence Party (Worked for many years at Durham Police H.Q. for many years as head of the IT Unit)

Ron Hogg : Labour ( Ex Deputy Chief Constable Cleveland and ex A.C.C. Durham)

Kingsley Smith : Independent (former Chief Executive Officer of Durham County Council)

Nick Varley : Conservative


Alan S. Watson

Chairman, Durham Branch N.A.R.P.O.

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