Saturday, 16 February 2013

Police Cadets : 1969

Cadets 1969

Many thanks to Don Stephenson for sending in this picture from his Police Cadet days.

Picture of four Durham Police Cadets taken in 1969 when they were the first to go on a two week attachment to Minsteracres Monastery in Co Durham. Their job was to clear an area around the graves of two Brothers who had died recently.
Pictured from left to right.
Father Colum Devine, The Superior, Peter McNulty, Ronnie Fort, Don Stephenson and Peter Walton
Don went on to finish as a sergeant in Cleveland whilst Peter Walton finished as a sergeant in Northumbria. Anybody  know about Peter & Ronnie ?

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Peter Walton said...

It was good to see a photo of myself which I believe was posted by Don Stephenson showing
four police cadets at Minsteracres Monastery in 1969 just before I joined the police.
We were sent there for two weeks as part of our 'character training' as was known at the time!
The experience was certainly interesting for an 18yr old.
I retired two years ago after spending some 45yrs continuous work in policing. Following my police service I was Dean of Studies at the Forensic Centre at Harperley Hall, a place I first worked at as a cadet in 1967. A lovely place to finish your career.

I'm not sure what happened to Ron Fort or Peter McNulty, but I am sure the power of the internet will help us find out.

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