Thursday 7 May 2020

Lyke Wake Walk - information needed

Retired Policewoman and ex-cadet, Sheila Mulgrew (nee Richardson), has been contacted by the reformed Lyke Wake Walk Club to assist in the update of the records of those who have completed the 40-mile challenging walk across the North Yorkshire Moors between Osmotherley and Ravenscar.
Sheila, like many other Police Cadets and Police Probationers, endured this ‘walk’ on more than one occasion, however, it is not just Police personnel that are being sought; anyone who completed the course with any group or organisation such as youth clubs, scouts, guides etc., are asked to provide details.
The collator is keen to know the likes of the date, direction, organisation and leader in addition to any other detailed information as can be recalled.
The information can be forwarded by email, either directly to Gerry at or to Sheila at who will pass on the information provided.

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