Wednesday 27 July 2022

Blue Light Card

Whilst some retired Police Officers are aware of the existence of the Blue Light Card, I know that many do not, despite it being advertised in previous issues of NARPO News (Page 34 of the May 2022 edition).

The card allows the cardholder to obtain discounts on a whole range of goods and services, some being time limited. Most of the offers are online, albeit some are in-store; one such example is ASDA (10% discount off your shopping bill – certain product exceptions exist) on production of the card and addition ID, such as a bank card or driving licence, when paying at the checkout (this discount end's on 31 st October 2022).

Membership is open to retired offices, via an online application at a cost of £4.99 and is valid for 2-years (renewable); you will be asked for your NARPO membership number.

Visit for more details.

Enquiries from the Durham Branch of NARPO are ongoing to check as to whether the purchase and use of the card extends to our widow(er) members also.

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