Tuesday 29 June 2010

The Garden Party

Hi Alan
Firstly can I offer my congratulations to you, your Committee, Durham Executive, volunteers and all who gave up their time to make the reunion so memorable. Mine was a flying visit from Cyprus as you know, but I'm so glad I made it. To see and chat to so many people from the past was great. Shame the weather was inclement but it didn't spoil the day. On a bit of a downside Alan I was somewhat disappointed that so many of our peers from the early sixties to the late nineties didn't turn up. Given the success of your occasion, is there anything you and your colleagues think can be done to encourage their attendance next time around - I'm sure it was their loss and not ours. Brilliant day and thanks to all those who put in the effort to make it a success. Your efforts in updating the 'blog' with all the photos etc must take you well into the night !! I'm still commiserating with the Military community here over our PATHETIC performances in South Africa - my annual pension doesn't even equate to one weeks wages for most of them. Prima Donnas - go home in shame !! You and your colleagues efforts would eclipse theirs. Well done all.

Kind regards,
Robin & Margaret Dodd

Thanks very much Robin and Margaret - delighted you made such a Herculean effort to fly across to meet old friends. Perhaps those who 'couldn't be bothered' were the ones who missed out? Next year maybe we may get a lot more support? The Garden Party I mean not our " Prima Donnas"... I believe that England are to get a new dual management team imported from China - names? "We Won Once" and " How Long Since". I'll never watch them again - after all they didn't come to see me when I was bad.....!

Alan Watson

Further praise for the Garden Party

Dear Alan

Many thanks to you and all involved in the organisation of the Party which Maureen and I thoroughly enjoyed. It was so good to re-visit the familiar Headquarters and to meet the serving officers and old friends and colleagues.
What a good idea to wear our name tags to remind us of who we are and who "what's ' is/'er name is!
Three hours passed far too quickly. The choir and the band were excellent. I have many happy memories of the band in the '70s when I marched in front at the many public performances of those years. Not having had time due to gossiping so much ( I think we occupied the same bit of floor all afternoon) to see much of the exhibits or even buy a raffle ticket....

yours sincerely,

Maureen and Dave (Cromarty (Senior))

WE ACKNOWLEDGE A FURTHER DOZEN SIMILAR LETTERS OF APPRECIATION (also many telephone messages) RECEIVED Thank you one and all for making it such a great day.

Make a note in your diary for our N.A.R.P.O. Re-Union Luncheon on Sunday, 26th September, 2010. Full details in your copy of the Durham Peeler - or contact Barry & Angie Crawford Tel. No. 0191 5180996

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