Tuesday 29 June 2010

Thoughts on the Spectacularly Successful Garden Party 13th June, 2010

This was the showcase of the new relationship between Durham Constabulary and its many retired employees both police and support staff. We had retired officers and staff from as far afield as Cyprus, Scotland, Gloucester, Oxford (Retired Chief Constable George Hedges - a keen supporter of the Force and in particular, our Durham Branch N.A.R.P.O) and many others too many to mention. Remember this is just a new beginning. Look out for even greater things.

Thanks must be given for the extensive hard work and close cooperation between leading members of the Durham N.A.R.P.O. Committee and Durham Constabulary's Planning Team/ Corporate Communications Officers. The 'coming together' was made possible by the dynamic organisational skills afforded through Chief Constable Jon Stoddart and Deputy Chief Constable Mike Barton- who pledged themselves to show that we truly are a 'family Force' once again. The holistic exercise was a demonstration of what can be achieved if all parties are really committed.

' Well done everyone' on behalf of all retired members and serving officers (both on and off duty) who were privileged to share in such a wonderful day. With grateful thanks to all actively involved in making the day so memorable.

Alan S. Watson Chairman Durham Branch N.A.R.P.O.

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