Thursday, 24 March 2011

Last printed edition of CopperPlate

Issue 83

CopperPlate, Durham Constabulary’s official newspaper, has become a victim of the force’s need to tighten it’s purse strings and the last printed version of the newspaper – Issue 83 (March 2011) has just been released.

Subsequent editions will be in electronic format only and will be available to view in pdf format via the pages of this site, by clicking on the CopperPlate header and then clicking on the image links within that page (see Screenshot below)

CP Screenshot


David Mallaburn Ex PC 1508 said...

Aye, it's a sad state of affairs. Almost every other amenity has been take from the front line and the retired in the name of cost cutting, and so now one of our last means of keeping in touch with force current affairs. Will the NARPO magazine be the next victim?,

Patricia (Armstrong) Crawford said...

I am so disappointed that the Copper Plate will no longer be mailed out. I live in Canada and looked forward to receiving my magazine. As a former policewoman it was a joy to receive and find out what was happening in all the areas familiar to me. I shall miss it very much,

Former P.W. 57 Patricia (Armstrong) Crawford

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