Friday, 31 May 2013

Name that car ??

Name that Car ??

JGR687T, Call sign, crew, where was it based, did you drive a one ??

Leave a comment and tell more about them


Bill Shanks said...

This was the later version of the Vauxhall Victor and was classed as the Vauxhall VX. The earlier Victor patrol cars had the 6 cylinder 3300cc engine giving a fair turn of speed. The VX had the 4 cylinder 2300cc engine and a slightly lower top speed but having twin carbs had faster acceleration. This would have been one of the last batch we received as production stopped in 1978.

I don't know where this one was based nor the crew but I did drive similar. One big drawback was its tendency to flood the engine if it didn't fire first turn of the key. Embarrassing if Joe Public was out in force.

Anonymous said...

The first car I drove when I joined traffic at Hartlepool in 1972 was the 3300cc version (M58) as described by Bill. The red stripe livery was new and followed the 'black and whites' or 'county cars' as they were known. They were known as the Vauxhall Victor Transcontinental. I have no information about this particular car but I later drove another 3300 version, R49, JGR 910N based at Lanchester followed by a 2800cc Ford Granada WUP 977R which I think was M31, a call sign still in use today.

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