Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Two from Traffic South

Picture10 M10

Two pictures that turned up via FaceBook and came to our attention..

Ford Granada : NGR71T – Alpha Red 44 out of Spennymoor

Picture shows Bob Brown on crewmate Martin Hall’s drive at Spennymoor. The opposite crew of Martin & Bob were Keith Maddison & Brian Stabler, who are sadly no longer with us.

Ford Escort XR3i  : A278BJR– Mike 10 out of Darlington

Crewed by Ian Bestford & John Laidlaw & ???

Another XR3i, A277BJR was based at Peterlee, call sign possibly AR47 and crewed by Barry Cowie & Ken Arthur / Mal Thomas & Neil Walton

Who’s on the police bike and where was this taken ??


Bob Brown said...

Norman Hughes confirms it is him on the Police Motorcycle

Anonymous said...

M13P based at HQ was the other XR3. Ian McGuinness and Sean Stokoe

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