Wednesday 1 January 2014

Cadets from 1964–1966 ??

Showing John Parish, Tommy Douthwaite and unnamed D.C. with the cup.<br /><br />(Photo courtesy of Mike Chambers)

We added this photo, taken in 1973 to our ‘Those were the (Durham NARPO)days…’ album some time ago and the two uniformed officers were named as John Parish & Tommy Douthwaite and the DC was not known.

We received the message below from the DC’s son

“Photo 70 of 200 odd in your "Those were the days" album, Un-named DC in a perm with FA Cup. The DC is my Dad -  Ian Fox.
He would love to meet and get in contact with any guys of 1964-5-6 cadet vintage. Has no email/mobile etc so has fallen out of touch with the boys, please contact me :
If there is a list of former cadets to send this round I'd be grateful.
Kind regards

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