Friday, 17 January 2014

Early cadet camp (1957) at Harperley–Who are they ??

Cadets at Harperley

These picture’s appeared in local paper’s on the 28th August 1957 and show the first Police Cadet Camp at Harperley Hall.

The title’s of the picture’s were ‘Training To Be Policeman’ & ‘Two Strong Pulls’

Can anybody recognize these cadets and did they become Policemen ??

If you click on the picture’s you’ll be able to view them in our photo gallery

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Many Thanks to Victor Brown for supplying the picture’s.

Cadets 1957


Alan Thompson said...

I am at the back between C/Insp Ward and Insp Joe Robson both with a moustache. Joe Anderson 3rd from right rear row. We both joined Durham and did our 30 years ken Dews kneeling down on right. Bill Nicholson on left sitting on grass. ken joined Northumbria and Bill West Yorks

Alan said...

Sgt Tom Bush with moustache arms folded next to Maurice Soady. He used to drive around South Moor when section sgt in a white convertible with the hood down.

spelkender said...

Hello Alan. I thought it was Joe ALDERSON two in from me on the back row but maybe my memory is failing.

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