Friday 10 January 2014

Calling All Women Police: BBC Series on 100 Years of Women in the Police

I work for Matchlight, an award-winning independent television production company based in Glasgow. We are currently developing a landmark BBC television series which aims to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of women in the police force. I would like to speak to retired police women who might be interested in taking part in the series.

As well as celebrating how far women have come, we will aim to reveal the obstacles that have been overcome, meet some of the key players, narrate their struggles and mark the moments that changed, not only individual lives, but the face of the police force forever. We hope to interview women at all levels of the police – some retired and some currently serving – on the beat, in specialist roles, in ACPO and in the frontline of modern policing – to reveal and celebrate how far women have come in the past century.

I am therefore very interested in speaking to retired police women about their experiences and how they think policing has changed over the course of their careers. The films will explore sex crimes, violence and danger and detection. I’d be particularly interested to talk to any female pioneers who were the first of their generation to take on new role such as early detectives, dog handlers etc. I would also be fascinated to hear from women who worked in the Women's Department. 

Our ambition for this project would be to work closely with NARPO to mark this important moment in the history of the police and to make an enlightening documentary series revealing, above all, what a vital role women now play in policing modern Britain. 

If you would like to find out more and are potentially interested in taking part please contact me on 07917 458 977 or email me at

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