Thursday 8 June 2017

Part time Gardening…. Darlington area

Can anyone help out with this one or know somebody who could ?

I have been given your details by my local Narpo secretary in Lancashire as I'm trying to help my mum and dad.
My parents live at Darlington and have been trying to get a local Gardner to come in and look after their garden, which is not a large area but they do like to keep it well.
However my dad and mum are both becoming frail with various joint issues and not able to do so now.
The problem they have had is that they have contacted a number of workmen who advertise in the Darlington area and they have all failed to turn up to see them.
Down here in the local area, the Narpo branch has a list of retired officers who have started various businesses and can be called on to undertake work and I wondered if you have something similar or know of a retired officer who would like to contact them to be paid to undertake the work.
As I mentioned before it is not a large area and would probably involve one day or so a week, but my parents would discuss and agree what needs to be undertaken.
Are you able to assist me, any help would be much appreciated and I would forward my parents contact details if you can.
Kind Regards
Kevin Hall (

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