Thursday 18 February 2021

Joseph Spencer and Harry Kirkup who were awarded the George Medal

Photo's of Joseph Spencer and Harry Kirkup who were awarded the George Medal. Text below from newspaper article.

4576 SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE, 20TH JUNE 1961 : Awarded the George Medal:

PC Joseph SPENCER, Constable, Durham County Constabulary.
PC Henry Marshman KIRKUP, Constable, Durham County 'Constabulary.

Constables Spencer and Kirkup were on duty in a Police Patrol car when they received a radio message that three men using a motor
vehicle had. been disturbed while attempting to break and enter a Social Club.
At about 12.30 a.m. they saw the vehicle containing the three men. The officers gave chase and pursued the suspect car for a distance of about five miles at very fast speeds.
During the chase  twelve shots were fired at the Police car. The pursued car eventually crashed in a back street and the three men, each armed with rifles, got out and pointed their rifles towards the Police Officers whose car had drawn up behind. Undeterred, the Officers rushed forward to make an arrest.
A shot was fired directly at Kirkup  and the bullet passed through his uniform cap within two inches of his head. Another man fired at P.C. Spencer.
The 'Constables arrested one man on the spot. The other two men were arrested later.

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