Tuesday 23 February 2021

Policewomen Z Car drivers on 90 m.p.h. Motor Patrol Duty (December 1966)

PW’s Jean Peck & Liz Garry (Nickson) with Austin Mini Cooper S Patrol Car

This is the text from a press article dated 22nd December 1966 :

Four policewomen - one of them from Darlington - have just completed a four-week police driving course. And  now they have two months to prove the worth of women
on motor patrol duty.

Elizabeth Garry from Darlington, Stationed at Washington, Jean Peck, stationed at Peterlee, Valerie Welsh, stationed at West Hartlepool, and Mrs. Ann Laing, stationed| at Stockton, all drive the 90-mile|an hour police Mini Coopers.
The idea came from the Chief Constable for Durham County, Mr. Alec Muir. The head of the traffic department, Chief Supt. William Harper, said that if it is a success, |policewomen might be put on motor patrol duty permanently.
“There is a large percentage of woman drivers, and they may feel more at home talking to a police-woman,” he said.
All the girls could drive before they took the Police Course-it was intended to teach them how the experts cope.
They also learnt something of the mechanical side,
If the experiment works, they may go on to take an advanced course at the Sedgefield Motor School.

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