Wednesday 23 November 2011

How to put a comment from yourself onto an article on this website

Computers can ‘drive us up the walls’ at times, and we have had a few enquiries from people who are struggling to put a comment to an article so……. hopefully this will help


1. First click at the bottom left hand corner of the article where in blue, it says 0 comments (this could be a number if comments have been previously left)



2. A white coloured box will then appear, beneath Post a Comment

this is where you can type in your comment



3. Next click on the upside down triangle to the right of where it says Comment as : select profile 

A box will then appear and by using your mouse select Name/URL



4. Where it says Name : type your name i.e Joe Bloggs then click on Continue



5. Finally click on the Post Comment box below where your name is. Your comment will then be sent to the website and will need to be approved by Durham NARPO before it appears on the website.

If you still are having trouble, then simply send an email with the comment you want putting on the article to : and we will put it on for you.

Hope this helps…

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