Saturday, 12 November 2011

Memories from the Murphy household

Paul Murphy has kindly sent us these pictures of his dad, Sgt Jock Murphy, taken in the 50’s / 60’s
We’ll put the pictures on individually so that if anybody can fill in the missing name’s then you can do so by leaving a comment on the webpages (Click on the image to view/download) :
PC Brian Leng, Jock Murphy, ?,?,? Humber or Austin, Year?
PC Brian Leng, Jock Murphy, Bill Adam,?,? Humber or Austin, Year?


Bill Shanks said...

Definitely an Austin, probably the A40 Somerset, produced 1952 - 1954.

Alan Watson said...

Centre of photo - Bill Adam ( long term traffic cop) later tranferred to Cleveland and promoted to Inspector

Brian Jones said...

Amazed to see Bill Adam, I wasn't aware of his background. I transferred from Cheshire to Durham in 1972 and he was my shift Inspector at Hartlepool. I think he was 6' 7" and walking around the town centre with him was, shall we say interesting. At 5-45am he blocked the parade room door and anyone who was late would be sent home and told to come back for 2-10 - I saw him do it. I think there would be an industrial tribunal if that happened now.

Bill Shanks. said...

As this could be an advanced course it could be the A70 Hereford.

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