Monday, 14 November 2011

Police Cadets D of E hike in Skye

One from Karen Nicholson….. Picture shows Karen and Kath Philips with a bunch of male cadets before they went off hiking in Skye where Karen believes the male cadets completed their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Hike whilst Karen & Kath pursued other outdoor activities…
Who are the male cadets ?? (click on the image to view/download)
Duke of Edinburghs Hike

L to R : Karen Nicholson, Kath Philips, Ian Stirling, Ian Wilson, Eric Young, Keith Judd,?,?


Stu Ingram said...

The first three of the lads are - Ian Stirling who left and went to Canada to join the Mounties. Ian Wilson. Eric Young

Ian Richardson said...

Behind Eric Young is Keith? Judd.

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