Friday 8 March 2013

The Police Treatment Centres Lottery

Every year it costs approximately £4m to run both of the Treatment Centres and with the falling numbers of serving officers, we find our donations going down accordingly and we must find new ways of raising money.  In order to raise more funds for our highly valued service we are starting our own lottery.
As a Retired Officer you may well have paid into The Police Treatment Centre all of your working life and are now entitled to free treatment at either of our Centres, which I do hope you take advantage of if you need our help.
We would very much appreciate your help in getting the lottery off the ground and wondered if you would be kind enough to help promote the lottery within your NARPO branch and indeed to anyone who would like to purchase a ticket?
The lottery is open to absolutely anyone to buy a ticket.  Tickets cost £1 each and will be drawn monthly with a first prize of £1000 with other cash prizes.
We are currently in the process of producing a lottery leaflet for promotional purposes as well as ensuring that the lottery entry form can be downloaded from our website.  The entry form will be part of the lottery leaflet and can be posted to our lottery organizer for entry.
We would be so grateful if you could help in any way promote the lottery by telling people in your branch and asking them if they would like to buy a ticket.
If you do feel able to help us, could you let me know and I will arrange to have some leaflets sent to you.
My contact details are below :
Amanda Carter
PR & Fundraising Manager
The Police Treatment Centres
01423 504 448

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